New Face to America’s Best Candle – #SAVETHEHONEYBEES – click here for the story

Root Candles is making news. They’ve updated their brand identity with a new logo, new packaging and wonderful new fragrances.

The new design pays tribute to their heritage in beekeeping and beeswax candles. Long known as “America’s First Family of Beekeeping” Root produces the highest quality pure candles. Beeswax is what separates Root Candles from everybody else! Beeswax is superior for candles for a number of reasons – it’s natural, clean burning, has a high melt point which means it burns a long time, it remains stable giving it a long shelf life, and it holds fragrance well.

With this year’s new Honey Blends Collection, Root Candles has partnered with Project Apis m to help save the honeybees. Honey bees are threatened by a variety of factors that US beekeepers continue to struggle to control. Project Apis m has developed Best Management Practices for beekeepers, initiated the Seeds for Bees Project to provide more, and better forage for honey bees everywhere and is a strong support for research directed at helping beekeepers.

To ensure a future with healthy honey bees, clean, all natural beeswax, and ample honey bees for our everyday foods, Root Candles will donate a portion of every sale of their ‘Honey Blends’ candles to Project Apis m to aid their research on honey bee problems. The company has committed $10,000 in 2017, with additional donations planned as long as the Honey Blends candles are available.

You can help #SAVETHEHONEYBEES by purchasing candles from the Honey Blends Collection.

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